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Allowing Process and Speaking Your Truth

Allowing Process And Speaking Your Truth

Photo: Cobb Valley. Kahurangi National Park. Page 124 Ritual Process – Ride …. Peace through Connection to Self-Spirit -Nature

Allowing Process and Speaking Your Truth

During the last few months I feel like I have been tested in my ability to allow process– like waiting for clarity coming from murky water… I have been required to show gritty patience while certain things in my life have come into balance or fruition.   Due to this,  I thought I would write a blog on Allowing and although I’ve tried it’s kinda done a right hand bend half way through….(bear with me…)

Such a good word…. allowing:  letting, permitting, consenting, agreeing, tolerating, sanctioning, agree to……it means so much and is available on all levels of our existence – We can allow on the emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual planes.

The act of allowing gives space to BE and to care about the mundane daily tasks (which are actually all that matter) …. that our babies are fed well and breathing deeply when they over extend…. listening to the birds and watching them collect snails for the young in their nests…. watching clouds…. breathing……tending gardens….

There is a balance between allowing and right action …. Allowing is active in that it requires listening to the internal voice that rises as we give space to allow process.  That internal voice lets us  feel/hear/know when to take  action.

Recognising that the stillness of allowing is active in itself is powerful and transforming.

When allowing:  both our darkness and our light can teach us; pain can become an invitation to heal; any fear an invitation to love; any day an invitation to live in wholeness…

The act of allowing also gives space to let others just BE.

Now this is where this blog goes sideways….

When I started writing Ride I had a lot of resistance to the process. My resistance was born of fear of many things.  One of those fears was speaking my truth and what may happen when I did.  Would I be mocked or ridiculed or would my truth just upset people?

I have found in this lifetime that sometimes people do not seem to like it when I speak my truth.  I’m sure it’s not just me and that almost everyone has had instances when they have spoken their truth and it has gone – well, less than well.

So I wrote a virtual ‘Note to self’ when I was writing to help me define and move through the fear of speaking my truth – it went something like:  if you write a book on suicide and connection to yourself, nature and the other side you are possibly going to rattle a few cages and get some knickers into knots ….

And a wee while into the writing and I was able to add to my note thus:  And actually …. That may be one of many worthy outcomes.

Ride is my story and I make no apologies for it.

I also make no apologies for not sugar coating my truth.

If it offends, that was not my intent.

Taking offence, or not, is a personal choice.

My truth is just that.

We are all entitled to our individual truths/stories and sharing them adds to diversity, understanding and connection.

If we can all know and share our truths with self-honesty and self-responsibility we are adding, not subtracting, to the connected tapestry of life.

For people who get triggered when other people speak their truth – perhaps your egos are getting in the way …. And perhaps there’s lessons in that triggering about finding and speaking your own truth… and perhaps it is that you don’t want to face your own truth because it frightens you? shames you? or you are not sure what your own truth is? … being triggered by other peoples’ truth gives opportunity to explore your own…

And Allowing others their truth is allowing others to BE.

So maybe this blog just didn’t do a right hand bend but a full circle 🙂

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