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Andrea Taylor lives in Nelson New Zealand.

From a young age the word alternative was used by those around her to describe her – unsure of what that meant she carried on being curious and questioning much of what was being presented to her. She attended University to study Psychology, Education and Sociology with the view of becoming an Educational Psychologist. Early on in her university study she realised that university was a lot like school and she was still being told what to think rather than how to think. She left University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a few papers towards a Masters. Since then she has formally studied Yoga and continues to follow a Yogic path today. She has worked a variety of roles, mainly involving supporting people on their career and life pathways. Many of these roles she did while home-schooling and raising her two children.

She values nature and all animals, personal peace and social justice, health and wellness and uses prevention of illness practices to stay well. Andrea has been a vegetation for almost 40 years, largely eating an organic raw, fruit, vegetable and nut based diet. She grows a lot of her own food. She walks in nature daily.

She questions and researches and tends to look beyond the veil that society has drawn, to review the value and place of much what is considered the norm and ‘right’. She believes that true education and what it is to be human involves consciousness and being truly present, and without that consciousness; past and present affects future, personal choice and freedoms. She considers herself a student of life. Self-awareness, self-responsibility, humility, graciousness, compassion and wholeness are qualities she works to develop. Contact me.

An excerpt of Ride...

4th October 2017

I thought this part of the book may flow a lot easier than what it has done to date. I’ve been mucking around with it for weeks now, trying to get the order, the flow ‘right’ and clear in my mind.

Dylan told me this morning I’m on the right path.

I am going to choose to try to trust his statement, his message.

This is such a huge topic to tackle

Now there’s an understatement.

My early procrastination is threatening to overtake me again and I have questioned myself about this.

The answer seems to be with the WHY question triggering me…. Again…Still.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Suicide’s complexities are really quite simple – A seemingly obvious contradiction.

I do not wish to write something which lays blame but something which may challenge aspects of humanity and which raises questions and explores how we may be able to change and develop; our attitudes, our responsibilities.
Bear with me while I use the next few thousand words to explain what I mean.

Extract from Ride Peace … through Connection with Self- Spirit- Nature – page 153

Photo: Mushrooms on Dylan’s Tree

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