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I have recently set up “Connection Mentoring”.

It is primarily a one on one mentoring service.  Although, this is currently expanding to include a series of three workshops .

Connection (on all levels/dimensions) is vital for our well-being and growth.
What, how and why we connect: Be it to; behaviours, people, objects, habits, thoughts, feelings and surroundings makes a big difference to our lives and levels of joy /freedom and peace we experience.

Disconnection creates disharmony.

I know this sounds simple – and it is….. but it is not always easy.

This is a client centred service;  starting point is where the client has identified an area/s of life where they wish to be more connected to themselves/ spirit/ nature (nature includes all of humanity – all of the animals kingdom, human, plant, crystalline, soil)… Clients can also choose if they wish to enhance their experience with the use of flower essences put together for each individuals energy.

I can offer in person sessions or via zoom.
Please contact me for further details via [email protected]
Workshops will be maximum 9 participants. Dates and costs to be advised asap.

Blessings, Andrea

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