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Seeding not Teaching. Beliefs or Knowing? Enquire Within!!

 Photo: Wakapuaka skyline. Nelson NZ.

I hope that some reading this will ponder the words and expand into new places of thinking in their own minds.

They will need to be open to hearing, and, filter thoughts in such a way that they allow themselves the time to recognise what is being said.

The heart, gut and mind will be required to operate in unison.

I am sure we have all done it – heard things that seem ridiculous and instantly discounted them – the world is flat, kind of things.

Why do we discount them? Based on what? How do we decide what it truth and what is not? How do you choose what ‘truth’ you trust?

Do you believe?


Do you know?

How do you choose what to believe? What makes you believe or not believe something? Why do you hold any particular belief?

Do you believe television programs? Do you believe what you hear on the television or read in the ‘news’?

Just to note: believe and belief hold very similar meanings.
Belief (noun): an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.
Believe (Verb): accept that (something) is true, especially without proof.

So, I’m just going to come right out and say it – Beliefs are pointless, damaging, restrictive, controlling and pretty much downright dangerous.

Now, untwist your knickers, take a breath and listen for a bit more.

As the definitions above explain, there is no proof in the act of believing or holding a belief.

Now I’m ok with no proof- if you are… thing is – there is also the word ‘accept(ance)’ in the definitions above.

Accepting something/anything is true without having proof seems a little…silly? risky?

Simple example – I believe this swing bridge hanging 40 metres above this raging torrent will support my weight and hold until I get to the other side …. starts walking on bridge …. Oops bridge collapses … Arrrrrr … splash.

If beliefs are held firmly and diligently without any questioning or further examination and become the basis for one’s interactions with the world serious issues can/will/do arise.

Sometimes they are ‘hidden’ issues, in that the beliefs held, direct the persons behaviour on a daily basis, and are often at the basis of many of their life decisions, actions and interactions with others. Essentially their beliefs shape and hold their personality in place.

Now I can hear you say – well what’s wrong with that? and, Yea, I know the bag of worms I just ripped opened re religions and religious beliefs.

Stop reading now if you are already fully insulted and offended.

Keep reading if you want to get to the empowering stuff.

Often beliefs are not consciously chosen or questioned and merely accepted as truth. Even when there is no proof that they are truth, and …. often they are not the truth.

They are also very inflexible – the belief is a given, so the person never has room to grow or change outside of their held beliefs. Unless they ‘break’ them.

Their beliefs hold them in ‘place’. Sometimes it may seem it is safer and easier to be held in a certain place by the belief. …. or the truth of that may be that the belief holds them in a stagnant space where personal growth and development is non-existent. Personal expansion is zero. Or extremely limited within the confines of the belief.

Beliefs can be idea’s, opinions, personal biases, crutches, recycled through generations to perpetuate a particular lie for the benefit of certain groups.

Often beliefs are not of an individual’s own understanding, but those that society (the individual lives within) deems acceptable. They are accepted purely because they haven’t been (allowed to be) challenged, or, they have simply rolled over from one generation to the next, and taken as truth merely because they are there and accepted.

Do you see where I am going with this?

People are lazy at times and will believe something merely because someone else told them to –it saves them having to actually think and do any due diligence for themselves– and – similar but different – sometimes people won’t believe something someone else tells them – often because they don’t have respect for or like the person for some reason. Either way they don’t consciously decide what they believe or not.

What, why and who we ‘believe’ is based on all sorts of bull. Many things we have come to believe as truths over the years and eons are now coming to light not be the truth at all. (more on this at the end). Have you ever considered why so much information is censored?

Basically this is why I said straight off that belief’s and believing anything are/is pointless, damaging, restrictive, controlling and pretty much downright dangerous.

Have a scan through some of your own ‘beliefs’ and see where they came from. Do they stand up after scrutiny and solid research? Were you active in deciding/forming them or are they from someone else’s repertoire? Are they historical and just taken as fact?

Have you ever considered that what we are told is our history (for decades or even centuries) could in fact be lies?  and that simply because consecutive societies haven’t questioned and just believed, the lie is perpetuated?

My aim is to believe nothing, but to know things…. Sounds like ego? Hold a tick, and listen some more, to consider.

Since I don’t believe anything how do I make my mind up as to what is truth, what is good and right for me to do or otherwise?

I either know or I don’t.

My knowing (noun: the state of being aware or informed.) is based on my questioning, research, reflection, my now and my connection to self, spirit and nature. It is dependent on how well I can listen and then hear, and how much I allow my mind, gut and heart to connect and operate in unison.

My knowing may change as new information comes to light, and as I sit with things I have deemed are real and truth and question them a new.

This is relevant for both inner knowing (things about me) and outer knowing (things outside of me). As I learn to trust myself deeper and listen to hear …. I remember more of my true nature as a thinking, feeling, creative, expanding human and I hear and see my truth (knowing) quicker and easier.


NOW is the time to listen to your inner knowing, to learn to trust it and yourself.  To stand powerfully in YOUR inner knowing and choose your way forward. Allow yourself to think, feel and to decide for yourself what is right action and pure truth – for YOU. Not for anyone else. Have the courage (LOVE) to embrace your own consciousness.

Find your knowing.

Be brave, be bold, do not be told what to believe. This may require extra thinking or even just thinking on your part.  Self-analysis, considering, reflection and seeing the bigger picture is required. Let your mind open to the reality that there are things you do not know and many of your truths may be beliefs rather than knowing.

Be assured that when the truth is spoken the spell is broken.

What do I mean by this? When you hear the truth – you know it to be so.

To hear the truth, start with the Heart. Be Still.


You may have noticed words in italics through my musings. They are some I have picked out as they have some interesting anagrams, (not all anagrams listed for each word)

As we know: Spelling is an old art form.

Spelling – Spell – Selling

Television – Tel – lie – vision

Listen – Silent

Heart – Ear – Earth

History  – His – story

Knowing – Now – Owning

Believe – Be -Lie

Beliefs – Selfie – Be – Lie

Words – Sword

Nothing – No – thing

Now – Own – Won

World – Lord -Word

Lives – Evils

Truth – Hurt – Thru


Oh – Extensively research – outside of google, if the world is actually flat or a globe – you may be very intrigued by what you find….

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