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 Change, Opportunity and Critical Thinking

Dylan's Storm

Photo: Dylan’s Storm 6.1.2013

Change, Opportunity and Critical Thinking

After writing and publishing the first Edition of Ride I still wasn’t fully sure what it was about. I had simply followed an internal dialogue which had told me to get the work done. I trusted that dialogue and wrote and published. The road to publishing was fraught with blocks and I often wondered if, what I had written was useful or helpful, had any value at all, or was meant to be published. The first people I trusted to edit, format Ride and develop my website, cost me thousands. Everything they did needed to be redone. The tribunal hearings held to try and claim back the money I had spent, did not go my way. The whole process was bizarre and stressful.  Ride’s first print contained many editing errors and mistakes. I was devastated when I realised, and again I wondered if what I was had written was of any use or value to anyone. …

Any how’s….

Roll on another year and the revised edition of Ride is complete…

And I have learnt:

Ride is about embracing change – any change.

Ride is about accepting what is and being in the driving seat of what can be.

Ride is about Love and all its form, and that it will always outperform hate, fear and any of their friends.

Ride is about my Son in his infinite and powerful, endless incarnations and my forever connection to that.

Ride is that, we are far more than we think, far more than we believe and even far more than we know.

Ride is life on this earth in all its pain, and glory, and love, and sorrow AND that we can be at peace in any moment whatever we are experiencing.

We are here to Ride in a way we are only just beginning to understand –
we are ancient and we are in our youth.

Ride is about our incredible opportunity to Be.

So with all of that in mind…

The current global situation has given most on the planet an opportunity to be touched by the same situation…. Such an incredibly interesting time.
I sincerely hope that we are in the midst of a great awakening here on planet earth.
The opportunity offered is not merely to have an opinion,  but an opportunity to decide as
individual global citizens what kind of future we want.
This is a global opportunity to become
creators of our reality other than mere facers of reality.
This involves effort on behalf of each individual.
It needs the individual to think for themselves and even more – critically think.
My personal observation over the last few months is that critical thinking ability is lacking in much of the world’s population and many have preferred to be told what to think rather than to decide for themselves.  If you query what critical thinking is here is a link which goes into detail – it is more involved than merely having an opinion.
I have witnessed a seeming divide between people that have questioned the rhetoric of mainstream media, Governments’ and WHO’s directions and those that have not.
Questions like –  Who owns the media? Do they have a certain agenda/bias? What/if any vested interests those owners may have in telling certain ‘facts’ in certain ways? How real or dangerous is this Virus? Is it man-made? Why is effective treatment being withheld?  Is the testing procedure reliable? Are masks necessary? etc.etc.
These questions have divided people. Which may well serve a purpose of its own.
Now, I am figuring me merely suggesting the questioning of the current global situation may trigger a few people and overwhelm a few others, perhaps even piss some off.
Thing is folks, this is all our Rides and we can take control of our Ride or let others have control. If you like the way things are going, then do nothing. If you have a vision and desire for a more holistic, loving, truly caring creative connected peaceful and happy healthy world then be prepared to buckle up,  take (back) self-responsibility.
Focus on what you want rather than what you do not want.
This requires a desire to balance and harmonise our multidimensional selves. (and to understand what multidimensional is in the first instance). It needs us to be honest with ourselves and to have a willingness to discover what our deepest desires are and if our current behaviours and thoughts are in line with these desires.
To help, I suggest, avoid being drenched in mainstream media. Review and reflect on other sources of information. Do your own research. If it’s being called a conspiracy theory, then review and research it and decide for yourself if it is fact for fiction. (‘for’ is not a spelling error either)

Listen to your gut and your own innate wisdom and check in to feel if something feels right.
Question. And Question some more.
Dig deep if you need to.
Be on the leading edge of your own thought.
Blend your critical thinking with that of your innate wisdom – your own knowing that comes from a place maybe yet unseen but,  there all the same.
Trust in Yourself and that you know what is right for you and your family’s health and wellness.
Be at peace with what is unfolding while being willing to be a part of it.
Eliminate all fear by choosing love – and really work to understand and practice this is if you find it difficult.
Trust in the expansion of the human spirit.
It is indeed a powerful time to be present on the earth…

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