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Ride: Peace…through Connection with Self – Spirit – Nature

Ride is a true story of the power of now
Ride is about Connection and Peace
It may change and expand you in ways that surprise you

We have times when our peace is challenged / shattered;
Our lives take a path we could never have envisioned and despair is so very real.

Pain is consuming, fear is circling and peace seems impossible.

This is when in the NOW, We Need to …

BE and Stand in our Truth, while in our Pain
Feel while in Stillness
To Listen and To Hear

And Then to Know.

Ride is the Power; of Grief, of Change, of Honesty, of the Now
Ride is the Power of Connection – To Self, To Spirit, To Nature

My peace was challenged in a way I never could have conceived and,
if I can retrieve peace – Anyone can… Regardless of what shattered the peace.

Ride is about life and being in your power – no matter what is happening….
Ride it
I hope it is inspiring and gives courage

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Ride - the blurb

Easy to read and thought-provoking,
Ride reveals how conscious connection
to self, spirit and nature
creates peace in anyone’s life, anytime.
Ride will take you through emotion,
different realms and societal barriers.
As a taboo subject, there was no
real support for people like her,
So she ventured where most won’t dare;
deep within, to be still and listen.
Remarkable events occurred; clarity,
expansion, freedom and peace followed.
An inspiring true story of a mother’s
courage to embrace reality and
reclaim peace after her Son’s suicide.
To empower any experiencing change,
ones seeking peace, those with
preconceived ideas about suicide
and any that question
existence of spirit.

Ride is deliberately NOT available on amazon

“An Incredible Book”
Dr Christiane Northrup
full review here

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An excerpt of Ride...

I don’t remember when I heard it for the first time. I know it was only a few weeks after the 6th January 2013. I know that once I heard it, then every time I went into Dylan’s room, drawn to look out the window that faced west, it was there.

It got clearer and more ‘solid’ as it became more defined in my consciousness: I would look to the west, to the setting sun coast and I would hear:

‘Go West Mum, Go West’

I had no direction, no desires, and no dreams, nothing I needed or wanted to do – any and all of that had gone. So when I started hearing ‘Go West’, I  started considering it. Why not? There was nothing to lose.

The West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand is known for its rugged beauty, sand flies, sunsets and strong people whose days are dictated by the weather. The weather has long since been the undisputed ruler on the coast and those not hardy enough to handle it get spat out pretty quickly.

I could think of no reason not to go; when I did consider going I could feel a place that could help me assimilate my new reality; my new unwanted norm. A place where I could stand on a stony beach head on into a raging westerly and have the sea spray mix with my tears while the wind did its best to blow the pain out of me.

A place as rugged as my emotions: Raw, Hard, Real.

Extract from Ride Peace … through Connection with Self- Spirit- Nature – page 40 – chapter title Trip One

Photo: Tutaki River

Andrea Taylor

Andrea Taylor lives in Nelson New Zealand.

From a young age the word alternative was used by those around her to describe her – unsure of what that meant she carried on being curious and questioning much of what was being presented to her. She attended University to study Psychology, Education and Sociology with the view of becoming an Educational Psychologist. Early on in her university study she realised that university was a lot like school and she was still being told what to think rather than how to think. She left University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a few papers towards a Masters. Since then she has formally studied Yoga and continues to follow a Yogic path today. She has worked a variety of roles, mainly involving supporting people on their career and life pathways. Many of these roles she did while home-schooling and raising her two children.

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