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Welcome to Ride: Peace…through Connection with Self – Spirit – Nature
Ride is a true storyRide is a powerful and thought-provoking book. Ride is about Connection and Peace.
Ride starts with my Son’s suicide

Suicide Shatters Peace
Don’t let that put you off
Ride is sad in parts – yes – but more – It’s honest, its powerful, it’s uplifting, it’s informative, it’s compelling
Ride is a book about the power in grief
Ride is about connections – To Self, To Spirit, To Nature
Ride is about life and peace and how to achieve it
Ride it
I hope it is inspiring and gives courage


Ride - the synopsis

We all get a life and we all have a choice of how to ride that life.
When her son Dylan decided to get off his ride via suicide it threw Andrea well off her own ride and she landed with a massive thud that took her fully into the now.

Ride is the true story of understanding the feelings of loss and pain the suicide brought and the finding of peace, acceptance and trust in Dylan’s decision. It is a ride of connection to self, to spirit, to nature and how those connections can create peace. Not just in times like Andrea experienced but in anyone’s life – anytime.

Ride speaks of listening, hearing, being human, self-love, self-enquiry, of conscious grieving, stillness and being present in the moment even when those moments may threaten to overwhelm. There is a lot of power in grief and Ride is about recognising and using that power and allowing time to be aware as the defining of a new way of life unfolds.

Ride is Andrea’s ongoing connection with Dylan in spirit and the way he supports her in accepting his decision as well as riding with her on a host of magical and joyful adventures.

Ride considers some of the possible reasons we have such high suicide rates in NZ – the highest in the world for males of Dylan’s age.

Andrea’s biggest hope is that Ride helps people choose to stay on their own ride; through the bumps, up the hills, down the hollows, during the face plants, the gorse bushes – the lot – to come out the other side stronger, more loving, more willing, more creative, more connected, more human, more whole, more at peace.

I found Ride compelling – so sad, so honest, yet uplifting and informative. Thank you. Jo

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An excerpt of Ride...

I am sure that everyone in my situation has those kinds of thoughts and memories – they will be different than mine but the effect I am sure is similar.

They can be the true enemies of peace as well as the path to it….

These thoughts and memories are like road blocks which need to be manoeuvred around or cleared, mountains which need climbing, huge waves that need riding, or armies of hundreds of scary demons; see them however, call them whatever. What I do know is that sometimes the road blocks have unstable rocks and they come crashing down and block the path again, the mountain is just too high to climb safely at certain times or has sheer cliffs that are easily slipped off, and the huge waves can easily smash and break and the demons terrorize.

When memories and thoughts came up and grabbed hold of my heart I had to really work hard to get control over them. It can still happen now; a thought or a memory will grab my heart and I am thankful for the practice I have had and the skills I have learnt so I can process more quickly.

Extract from Ride Peace … through Connection with Self- Spirit- Nature – page 102 – chapter title Thoughts and Feelings

Photo: Tutaki River

Andrea Taylor

Andrea Taylor lives in Nelson New Zealand.

From a young age the word alternative was used by those around her to describe her – unsure of what that meant she carried on being curious and questioning much of what was being presented to her. She attended University to study Psychology, Education and Sociology with the view of becoming an Educational Psychologist. Early on in her university study she realised that university was a lot like school and she was still being told what to think rather than how to think. She left University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a few papers towards a Masters. Since then she has formally studied Yoga and continues to follow a Yogic path today. She has worked a variety of roles, mainly involving supporting people on their career and life pathways. Many of these roles she did while home-schooling and raising her two children.

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