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Authentic Connection – Part 1

Authentic Connection – Part 1

Photo: Burial stones 24.4.2014

Authentic Connection – Part One.

Connection is a big word – It’s a bit like Ride in that it has multiple meanings and applications. In many of the stories in Ride- the book, connection is a central theme. In these three Authentic Connection blogs I am going to explore more about the nature of connection.

I am hoping that maybe the blogs will get people thinking about –

  • What we chose to connect to
  • Who we connect with, and what we connect with them about
  • Why we are connecting

These depend on a number of different internal and external circumstances.

What, Who and Why we connect have a huge bearing on our life and our day to day living.

How we Connect

How we connect has a direct effect on the what, who and why of connection.

I am going to suggest that How we connect is incredibly important.

That’s a pretty obvious statement to make – however

How many of us have an awareness around how we connect?

How do we connect Authentically?

Connecting authentically for me is:

Connecting in awareness – mindfully – being ‘present’ when connecting.

It is connecting whilst being true to oneself

It has an ‘openness’ about it

When connecting authentically we are clear about the reasons why and for what purpose we are connecting

Connecting authentically requires us to take responsibility

Connecting authentically requires self- honesty

Connecting authentically requires us to listen to ourselves

Connecting authentically requires us to listen to the object of connection

Connecting authentically is best achieved when we are present and still in ourselves and our minds are not racing and darting about.

All of this possibly sounds very obvious and perhaps easy –  if it is easy for you all the time – I consider you are very blessed.

Authentic connection with others

I’ve had some very interesting experiences around authentic connection in the years since Dylan’s departure.

Ride talks a lot about many of those connections – in particular authentic connections to Self-Spirit-Nature.

In Ride I don’t talk a lot about authentic connection (or lack thereof) with other people.

That is coming in the next blogs – Authentic Connection – Part 2,  Part 3 and Part 4

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