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Authentic Connection – Part 4

Authentic Connection – Part 4

Photo: Dylan’s Passing site Daffodils Radiating Light. 2019.  Page 130 in Ride   Peace … through Connection with Self-Spirit-Nature.

Authentic Connection – Part Four (following on from Parts one, two and three).

Authentic Connection and Feelings.

In my previous blog I suggest that Authentic connection requires us to be connected with ourselves first. This requires a certain level of self-awareness. We are best connected with ourselves if we can be aware of our feelings and how they may be affecting our ability to connect with others.  If we are having feelings that are the result of triggers from within a situation or about the particular person we are connecting with and we are unaware of these – then authentic connection is challenging to obtain.

Feelings are just feelings and as humans we seem to often let them get the better of us – as if they were life threatening. We take our feelings so seriously – which they are – but perhaps not in the way we often relate to them. If we can view our feelings as merely an emotional guidance system, we can use them to help us become aware of ourselves and our responses (or reactions) in any given situation.

So simply – If we become aware of our feelings we are more likely to be able to connect to others authentically.  We become aware of our feelings through self-honesty and taking self-responsibility. Once we are conscious of our feelings we can chose to respond to them rather than merely reacting on them.  This isn’t rocket science or anything I’m sure you haven’t heard before. Thing is – to do be able to this all the time, in any situation – stressful or not-  requires practice and self-discipline.

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