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Sunday’s talk on the 4th July 2021 was a special time spent with 12 beautiful souls. From it has come the idea to develop an email mailing list – probably very obvious thing to do!
I will be sorting this over the next few days –  if you are reading this and want to be on it let me know.:)
More than the mailing list is an idea still in the cooking / brewing up stage …. The mailing list will keep you in the loop for this as it develops – more soon xox


I am humbled to have been invited to speak at Koroko Yoga Studio.

My talk will be about some of the background to Ride and the story that runs along side it.
Essentially the bigger picture of Ride and how it relates to all and that it is ‘not ‘just’ a sad story about suicide’.

There will be some audience participation in the form of journal type writing in response to some questions I will be raising  – this will not be a; ‘share this with the group’ exercise, but more something to take away and ponder on the relevance (or not) to the individual.

There are limited spaces, so please contact myself or Koroko studio to book your spot.
Thank you 🙂 xo

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