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Letter to Dr Northrup

Photo: Tonight’s sunset 10/11/2020  Same photo as Ride’s cover just different day, different light, different times 

Letter to Dr Northrup

On a whim, I wrote to Dr Christiane Northrup and sent her a copy of Ride.
I had been listening to her Great Awakening posts and enjoying them and decided I wanted to gift her a book. I thought she may know someone who could benefit from it, given her work.
To my surprise, she read out my letter on the 1st November, no accident when one checks out the various meanings and relevance of November 1st 🙂 bless her.

People have contacted me after hearing her read my letter and lots of new friends and connections have been made. Many people said they loved what I wrote, that it rang true to them and sparked something deep within them. To be honest I couldn’t even remember what I had written until I heard her read it out.

Because of the positive feedback I’ve had, I have decided to reprint letter below and a link to Dr Christiane’s full post

Dear Christiane – Kia ora from Nelson New Zealand where I live.

I will endeavour to keep this short. I have been wanting to share my book with you  🙂   I have sent you one of the first print from 2019 (complete with spelling and grammar errors – long story) It has since been tidied up, revised and reprinted.

Ride was written in 2017.

Write a channelled book about suicide and see how far people run!

Although I wrote it, I wasn’t fully sure of its value or purpose – until this year.

Ride is about Courage, Self-responsibility, Self-honesty, Personal Power, Empathy, Connection, Sadness, Loss, Love, Humanity’s downfall and Rise, Death and No death, Human Spirit, Feeling, Riding – all things central to 2020 and more.

Ride is to help people find their peace.

My heart broke when my fit, strong, clever, funny, happy, balanced, non-vaccinated, organically fed for his whole life, yoga-loving, never medicated and never sick, home – birthed and home- educated child, self-departed – he had so much to offer the world.

It was a massive Ride to find my peace with his departure.

Now I am beyond peace, in that, I not only have peace, but also some understanding of the tasks he Is doing in spirit, as well as an understanding of his and mine ongoing forever expansive connection.

7 1/2 years on and I understand at an even deeper level why Dylan chose to depart – just after 12/12/2012 – makes so much sense…

As spirit he is helping us all Ride this 2020 time.  Mostly he is working with the children. He saw this coming – he knew humanity had challenges ahead and he is helping far more on the other side than he could have here being frustrated by what he would term the ‘stupid people.’

We are all powerful beyond even our wildness and our wildest imaginations. We are only just beginning to see who we are and what we can achieve when we have connection in love and light.

The darkness has been necessary to help us. We have needed the dark in order to see the light. We have lived in duality and from that came the inspiration to create more and be more and love more and expand more. Soon, I consider, we will live without the duality as we expand to the point where we no longer need any darkness. We will be pure light.

2020 – perfect vision – for those who want to open their eyes – the windows to the souls’ purpose and so much more! Ride is mine and Dylan’s gift to help those see they can have peace in any time. When we each have peace, the world has peace!

With much Love, Gratitude and Appreciation for all of us in the family of Light – us Warriors of the Radical Light, the bringers of the Dawn, the dragon riders, the star seeds, the truth seekers and way show-ers. May we continue to connect and spread love around our beautiful planet earth.

Love from Andrea xx

And Dylan, the Dragon Riders Son. xo

Update from 11/11/2020

And Bless Christiane she read a chapter from Ride today. Starts around 3min 45 sec mark.

Feeling very grateful and humble that she thinks it’s good enough to read to her audience- the chapter she read has been edited to remove the ‘committed suicide’ I have changed it to ‘die/d by suicide ‘ given the stigma attached to the former.

It’s already 11/11/2020 here in New Zealand so I am considering this as part of my manifestation of abundance today

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