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Ride: Peace … through Connection to Self – Spirit – Nature by Andrea Taylor is a fascinating non-fiction book with a powerful message for anyone longing for healing and deeper levels of connection and intimacy with themselves. It is a book with strong spiritual hints and one that can be read as a spiritual odyssey and an exciting path to personal growth. In this book, the author shares the heart-breaking, devastating experience of her son’s suicide, the darkness that invaded her soul thereafter, and her journey towards light and healing. As the author relives the painful moments with readers, she demonstrates how acceptance and facing reality helped her to find the light within. This is a book about inner freedom, understanding human pain and its place in the economy of growth, and it is also a book about finding peace in the midst of harrowing storms. The author illustrates the interconnection between self, spirit, and nature with intelligence and shows readers how to achieve peace through enhancing the unity between these different components of their being.

This book is deeply moving, filled with insights and wisdom, a rare gift for anyone going through loss or a painful experience. Through her story, Andrea Taylor teaches readers that taking flights from reality doesn’t change it and that it doesn’t take away the pain. But when we open our hearts and listen to the pain, it instructs us, it heals us, it opens new paths to life. This is a book about reconciling with the part of us that is hurting, memories that are disturbing, and experiences that are difficult to accept. Writing in crisp and gorgeous prose, she invites readers to put aside the social constructs that limit their understanding of self. Readers will learn to read their stories differently, develop a fresh and healthy attitude towards their humanity, and learn powerful ways to connect with themselves. Andrea Taylor’s voice is compelling and irresistible and she speaks with unwonted clarity and honesty. Ride: Peace … through Connection to Self – Spirit – Nature will change the way you feel about yourself; it will change your life.

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo Review Date: February 11, 2022

Category: Non-Fiction – Inspirational

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